Halloween fun! 1.11.2015 November 2, 2015 18:11

Hi everyone!

So at the weekend it was one of my favourite times of the year for makeup fun! Halloween!!!

Last year i did the Creepy dead zombie look and also a sexier Jigsaw look, here are the pics..

this year i really wanted to up my game so decided on a really creepy clown!! Heres a selfie!

To do the clown face i firstly added a bald cap, hid the join with Face paint. and glued on some cuttings from a clown wig 

I used 'Mehron' modelling wax to conceal my brows and add some 3D shape to them.

To create the 'ripped off nose' i also used the Mehron modelling wax indented in the centre and filled with fake scab blood, this is much better and more realistic than the regular vampire blood, and really does create some amazing cuts and general scabbiness!

The look was actually a lot easier than last year as i used mostly Snazaroo face paints and the items listed above.

To create the mouth i used some torn tissue paper and liquid latex to create the 3D edges and the teeth were painted on with facepaint. 

Here is a link to my zombie tutorial!


Love Maria x