Wednesday 8th July, Eyes for £7.99 July 8, 2015 13:13


Welcome to my new blog! Here i will be showing you all my makeup tricks, along with any cool products i come across, and of course sharing with you the links to my tutorials on my Fierce Face youtube.

So i decided to test out some high street affordable eyeshadows. The set i chose were the 'Sleek Makeup' 'Oh so special' shadows that come in a pallette form.

This is what they look like...


i absoltely love how this pallette combines a mixture of both matte shadows and also nice metallic shimmer shadows and they are super pigmented!  I sucessfully created an easy smokey eye using just this and my Fierce Face brushes, it just goes to show you dont have to spend a fortune on eyeshadows if you the right tools!! 

check my tutorial here (you may need to copy and paste)

Love Maria xx